Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bellies, Adjustments, and Christmas Trees

Some of you have been asking for preggo pics. Here's one. Funny how large my belly is... and my face... and my ankles... such a beautiful time in life! Baby should be here soon!

I've always had artificial trees for Christmas. Chris has always had real trees. This year, we got a real tree. I was pretty thrilled on many levels.

1. I got to decorate BEFORE Thanksgiving. Crust wasn't too happy about it, but with me being "great with child" and all, well, he really couldn't argue.

2. The little lots with the white hanging lights are the absolute greatest things... make me think of small towns, simple life, and the magic of Christmastime. We bought our tree during daylight because I was anxious, but Crust promised I can go back and walk around when it's night time.

3. I've ALWAYS wanted to have a tree on top of my car to take home. I love it when I see it around town and now look at us! (notice the new baby equipped vehicle too!)

4. We were the very first tree buyers at our lot! I think we're gonna make this a tradition.

Our house has been undergoing quite a few changes with a new baby on the way. Paisley handles most of it with the grace you would expect from a puggle. However, she had one rough day this past week and it took me a while to find her. Guess she just needed a little space to process.


  1. Mikel you look wonderful. I'm so excited for you and Chris. Charlie always went with his family to a Christmas Tree Farm and cut down a real tree. Our family always had an artificial tree. When the babies get older we'll go cut down a tree to put in our den, but my nice, expensive ornaments go on the fake tree in the living room!! HA! Love you!