Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to Life

So, it has been 8 weeks since the little one entered the world. It has been crazy. I've had ups and downs and all arounds, but finally feel like things are settling into a "normal" routine. A new normal, but still. She's sleeping 8-12 hours a night and I can't complain--she's a great baby!

I go back to work two weeks from today. I'm wondering how life will be with that added to the schedule? I feel like I hardly get things done right now while at home all day--laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery lists, cleaning... all between 3 hour feedings and playing with little Lawson. So how will I add working fulltime to this schedule? I really don't know...

I love my job. I have missed the students and my "work life" quite a bit. I've just never been around a female student minister with kids. I've been around single female student ministers and they are the greatest (that used to be me! :) And I've been around men whose wives brought their kids to and from youth events, but could keep them on their routine... But I've never seen a woman do it.

I'm trusting God has been preparing me all along... and that He will give me the strength. I want to do my best in every area of my life! Help me, God!

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