Thursday, October 1, 2009

October and Christmas

Today is October 1. For me, it begins a season of celebrating many gifts in this life. I celebrate the cooler temperatures and the changing of leaves. I celebrate one year of marriage to my best friend. I celebrate with thanksgiving alongside family and friends. And I celebrate the birth of my Savior. Many think I'm strange and are probably annoyed that I start playing Christmas music on October 1. However, I believe it is a critical part of my celebrating. You see, the birth of Christ changed everything. Forever. And in order to live, and to live fully, I must turn my attention to that event for more than just a few weeks.

We find ourselves in many different situations this Fall. Some of us are grieving. Grieving the loss of family or of friends. Some are captured by financial fears and wonder what tomorrow will bring? Some are celebrating the birth of children and the start of new beginnings. While others are frozen by depression and heaviness of heart. Some of us are walking closely with our Savior while others are in the dark night of the soul. We each have a reality that is ours this season and they differ from person to person. But, we also share a common reality. The reality that God became man and is with us. He is with the grieving hearts and the financially unsure. He is with the new parents and with those who are depressed. He is with those walking closely and those who feel so very far away. Christ's presence changes our situation because with Christ there is hope. There is love. There is healing.

As I begin listening to my Christmas music today, I do so to remind myself that Emmanuel is with me. May you be reminded today that God is with you too.

Merry October.

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  1. I thought of you yesterday as I changed my classroom calendar over to October. And when it was time to listen to music while they worked on Social Studies, I almost put in Charlie Brown Christmas but balked at the last minute...