Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sunrise Club

So, my adventurous husband has started a new weekly ritual--the Sunrise Club. On Friday mornings, whoever wants to meet us (mostly a group of senior boys) drives to the lake and we watch the sunrise. This morning, we didn't get to see much of one! The clouds were covering the sun's entry point. Now, don't get me wrong, I like clouds. I actually think sunrises and sunsets are made much more interesting and beautiful when clouds are in the picture. The clouds have a way of magnifying and changing color, and of throwing the sun's light to unexpected places. But when there are too many clouds, well, they just pretty much steal the show. Although, I know the sun is there, I don't have much evidence.

Naturally, my mind goes to all the spiritual connections and how "clouds" in our lives make God's work in them all the more beautiful--we see Him working in the storm and they throw His "light" (hope, truth, grace) in unexpected places. Then there are days when the clouds are so overpowering, we just can't even see His light at all. There are several people on my prayer list right now who are in some pretty cloudy days. I know God brings good out of bad... I know He is hope in the darkness... I know He is present even if He can't be seen. But, I guess my prayers for them changed a little bit today... Although the clouds are present, I pray there's enough of a clearing today for them to see the Son... I pray they see magnified colors... in unexpected places... and as a result, are able to carry on with hope another day.

Maybe next Friday, we'll see some sun?

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